We are a full service farm/barn wedding venue (includes the ceremony and reception) centrally located in north Apopka, Florida, just off of the north 429 Expressway.  We offer many extras at no extra cost.


Our venue rental rates for weddings are $200.00 per hour for the first 4 hours and $50.00 per hour for each additional hour, so for 5 hours (as an example), the total would be $850.00.   We do cater events onsite, so if we prepare the food and provide all non-alcoholic drinks, the cost for 50 guests (as an example) is $1,000.00 ($20 per person).


We offer western comfort food menu items such as baby back pork riblets (BBQ sauces on side), pulled (shredded) pork or pulled chicken (BBQ sauces on side), homemade meatloaf sliders on Hawaiian rolls, baked beans or green beans with ham, cheese grits, fried potato bites with bacon/cheese, homemade mac'n'cheese, cornbread (sweet or unsweet), green salad or fruit salad, and homemade cookies/brownies/cupcakes.   You provide the wedding cake and any alcoholic beverages, please.  Outside catering companies and even food trucks are welcome!  We remain onsite during the event to serve the guests and take care of the cleanup.


No extra charge for using our onsite petting zoo or riding horses with a handler, of course, for safety.  We are a licensed and insured mobile petting zoo business, as well as a party/wedding venue business.  The trained livestock can also be used in the ceremony and at the reception and for photo-ops, of course, with the guests.  Many of our brides ride in on our horse!  Makes for very unique pictures!



Outside speaker/sound system is available for no additional charge so you can play music in the form of CDs, playlists from a cell phone or tablet using our Bluetooth receiver, hire a DJ service or live band, etc.     Outdoor lighting is available at no extra cost, when needed.   Outdoor photo booth available for no extra charge.   Dance floors and/or bounce houses can be rented, as well.

Our awesome outside vendor for tents/tables/chairs/bounce houses/outdoor games, etc. provides us with a permanent 5% discount that we can pass along to you.

Our sister company is a video production company, so we also offer discounted rates on still photography and videography, as well.  We can also record (audio, only) your vows for you, provide hand-held microphones, or other technical services either by our venue or in conjunction with any DJ company you may hire.


Feel free to read all of our wonderful customer reviews and view all pictures on,, and   Our Internet ratings are all very high, indicating customer satisfaction with all of our services that we provide to the public.


Let me know if you want to schedule a tour of the facility.   We are open 7 days a week from about 9am to dark.   Thank you!


Give me a call or text at 321-695-5344 or email me at to discuss the details as to how we can help you make your dream day come true without bankrupting your pocketbook, so you can have something left to cover the honeymoon!

We do provide seating (tables/chairs) for up to 55 guests as a part of the venue cost.   We have additional tables available at no extra charge for sign-in, gifts, wedding favors, etc.


The ceremony area consists of 2 distressed wooden (authentic) barn doors dressed in drape and your wedding colors/flowers representing the couple's passing through the doorway into the next chapter of their lives together.   We hang mason jars filled with fairy lights and your colors/flowers all around the barn and these jars can also be used as table centerpieces.  Or, you may feel free to decorate the venue (inside or outside) any way that you wish to for your wedding event.


Our multiple electric mosquito (and other bugs) catchers cover multiple acres and keeps pests from bothering anyone, before or after dark.   We also have Tiki torches that we fill with bug repellant fuel to further assist to quell the bugs, if needed.


For the Summer months, we also offer to rent out our 2 commercial pedestal fans with misters to help keep everyone cool outside, and that cost is $100 for both fans.  We also rent out our popcorn machine and snow cone machine for only $60.00 for each machine, or only $100.00 for both machines, which includes an operator and ALL materials.


Outside tents can be rented to house the attendees and vary in size (i.e., 10x20, 20x20 or 20x40) and cost.   Depending upon the number of attendees, we can provide a quote for this cost (and remember, our vendor gives us that permanent discount that we pass along to you).  A good rule-of-thumb is that one 10x20 tent houses about 12 people normally seated and a 20x40 houses about 50 people.


Our indoor bldg (air conditioned! and used for small rehearsal dinners and as a Bridal Suite) has seating for 20-25 guests and 2 indoor restrooms, plus a full kitchen and sternos to keep food warm.   Food service is buffet style, and can be set up outside at the barn or inside.  There is a separate bedroom with attached bathroom for the bride (and bridesmaids) to use for privacy to dress and put their make-up on and do their hair for the event.